Healthy life is fun in family, relatives and friends, our company will bring happiness and joy to every family.

Trong Duc seafood company specializes in providing the best quality seafood for customers, The company focuses on consumers and customers on themselves to understand customers better. Reputation, quality, responsibility are your and mine success.

Our company is formed from the hard thing and the mind of the consumer that becomes. So we always listen and understand for each customer Come with us, you will be assured of fun and intimate parties



We have always had experience from catching seafood and preserving recipes for different types of seafood, if you do not know the recipe and measure the temperature it would be terrible.

Development - 10 years
Design - 8 years
Photography - 6 years
Video Production - 5 years


Grilled delicacies such as seafood or lamb, beef. . . will make the fun more fun and uplifting.

  • Eat to be healthy, not eat to take medicine
  • Squid is an indispensable food for parties.
  • Fish is an indispensable food..
  • Lobster quality is exported to the European market
  • Vannamei shrimp are loved by families for meals.

Vivamus ut ultricies ante

We need clean natural seafood, clean seafood is an indispensable food source and helps our health better.

Seafood is needed for spring and summer

Spring and summer, we eat seafood with family and friends in intimate parties very happy

Consumer's main seafood

Squid shrimp is an indispensable seafood for Southeast Asians. Therefore, sea floor is an indispensable food source

Wine and seafood

Wine and seafood are indispensable dishes for men, in addition, grilled lobster is great for friends and family traveling.