Seafood is an indispensable food for mankind. Why ? The sea accounts for two thirds of the land and the living area of ​​aquatic species is several times that of our species. But the source of seafood is the food that serves us humans.

In life they are an abundant source of energy, we need to have further vision when seafood is still the main and clean energy source in human life.

Diana Richards

Fish consumption market is very large, marine fish gives us nutritional nutrition for us. It is also one of the cleanest foods. serving people in need. sea ​​trips are indispensable for seafood.

Anna White

On the summer occasions when the children are out of school, our family often organizes tours where there is a sea, so that we can breathe fresh and healthy with indispensable afternoons swimming with the children. are the crab and the crab shrimp.

Jacob Firebird

The adventures at sea I really like. adventure without eating seafood will only have 50% pleasure, it is not complete and have to eat seafood to be great.

George Greenweb designer

When I was a child I was very passionate about the sea! in the afternoon I go out to sea to fish and squid. they are delicious and wonderful.

Since my childhood, my family has no conditions, life is much harder than my peers. The house is only 100m from the sea, so eat the bow in the sea and play throughout the sea

Stefan Sweet

I really like and love abalone, because abalone they are very delicious and delicious, they are made with all chef’s cooking style, when you go to the table to enjoy it, it’s delicious.

Miriam Orange

I often go on trips with friends! Or choose a place with the sea, because when you come to the sea, you will be able to smell the seafood and richness of the sea water. How excited I feel.

Alex Violet

Occasionally I feel cravings for seafood, with my family and friends go to enjoy the crabs, fish, and crabs, it is very snowy. I like to eat lobsters the most, because they are very healthy and recover quickly

Tiffany Vanilla

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Alex Yellowphotographer

Passion and desire to enjoy grilled seafood with a bottle of wine and a few friends is not equal, In my life I am very busy at work, but when I have free time, I often go to the beach to relax.

Gregor Green

The sea is the vast ocean! Endless of beauty, they are beautiful and changing in everyone’s eyes. It’s great that we travel to rest and enjoy after hard days

On the children’s long or summer holidays we always plan to go to the beach. patch to eat seafood.

Stefan Carlos

When I was a child, I used to run away from home to go to the beach to take a bath. because my house is close to the beach. When I was 10 years old, I went fishing every afternoon to catch shrimp. close to the beach so I knew how to swim when I was 5 years old.

I was very happy when I caught a fish, The feeling back then was wonderful. I can’t forget my childhood. oh why it’s so beautiful Now that I am old, I will take care of the money, and I don’t have time to rest until my childhood days

Leonardo Grey

Our family is near the sea, so seafood is the main dish, they are very plentiful, so we can not eat it all the time. At the sea, there are many delicious specialties that some of you have probably never had the chance to enjoy.

Anna Lee

One time I ate seafood with a banana snapper, so a group of my friends got drunk! be drunk until the sky falls, right? My wife likes to eat dried squid. She likes it very much, she usually eats squid, but eats at night. because I’m afraid my husband and I will eat all hi hi

Alex Freeman

What is a king crab with a glass of wine, I love to eat them on weekends. I am trading seafood so I prefer to eat seafood. maybe even a month eat seafood.

Tiffany Gray


Life at sea A fisherman’s life at sea to exploit all kinds of seafood, Adventure at sea and getting lost at sea leading to death at sea. There is no more painful death than dying at sea when lost in the ocean.

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