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Imported abalone

Abalone is imported mainly from Korea, Japan and neighboring countries. At the same time, in Vietnam, they are still allowed to breed. This abalone is very popular with many culinary communities. Abalone can do some processing.

Prices will be very good for individuals doing business directly with our company.

Imported salmon

Our company specializes in importing products such as salmon fin trout, to serve our guests. If you are interested, please contact us directly. Salmon with consumption of hundreds of tons per year, because the price is very soft and easy to use for all types of workers. Not only that, the rations are also very delicious, they are specially flavored by chefs from the restaurant to the family. so the excellence differs. Salmon imported from Norway, with market demand, should measure salmon indispensable in food. The price is moderate, and the processing is easy, so it’s also called hot food.

Imported salmon

Squid is imported to neighboring countries, in which there are goods such as mino tube and white tube, all kinds of sizes You can phone us and we will serve you wholeheartedly

Imported salmon whole

Imported salmon whole Salmon is very nutritious, salmon can also be used in many dishes. help children develop very well. We specialize in the distribution of all kinds of salmon to businesses. Imported whole salmon is very suitable for the elderly and children, not only that, but also delicious dishes in restaurants and in the street. They can cook any dish we like

Imported scallops

Scallops imported from Japan

We specialize in supplying and distributing all kinds of scallops. We have a full range of sizes and types, so you have a chance to choose from more, If you need to get large quantities, you need to pre-order. Let us have time to prepare

Imported sheep slopes

Imported sheep side is a favorite dish of Southeast Asian people. The amount of lamb consumed annually in Southeast Asia is very large. Grilled lamb rib with honey, is the pinnacle of Southeast Asian cuisine. Lamb is a favorite in Southeast Asia, because it tastes so good when I eat it, Their meat makes a lot of favorite dishes for you to eat and comes with beer. At the same time they can make a lot of delicious dishes, because of their endless variety. In the cold weather at the end of spring, we need some grilled sheep, along with a few glasses of wine, with a few friends or with a lover to enjoy it very well.

Japanese scallops

100% Japanese scallop shoots and made in Japan. Our company is responsible on the origin of the product. and quality.

King crab

King crabs are rich in nutrients and also known as the king of crabs. Because of that, crabs are very popular in the European and Asian culinary villages. King of crabs. This crab is very large with children up to 2m with both legs, and is also the most popular crab in Europe and Southeast Asia, rich in nutrients and nutrients, they are always loved by all ages. prefer. They help us to regain health very quickly after hard working days.

It is also a luxury dish, for players or people addicted to seafood