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Boiled tiger prawns

Shelled boiled tiger shrimp is the type of shrimp chosen for long-term use. Therefore, when choosing shrimp, it is necessary to have a plan and have the basic techniques to select and follow the correct production process. Frozen shelled tiger shrimp. We choose good quality shrimp, at the same time we do not feed shrimp for 24 hours to ensure shrimp quality ..


Giant freshwater shrimp live in fresh water but have high nutritional value. Crayfish are absolutely delicious, they can serve all classes of society. Crayfish! Shrimp live in fresh water that only in Southeast Asia! they live in warm water and cannot stand cold water, This shrimp is very nutritious! Diners in Vietnam are very fond of. Crayfish are processed a lot of delicious dishes! Like boiled commune is excellent or baked, it is nothing. they are very popular with restaurants. Economically, giant freshwater shrimp is cultured.

Dried scallops

Dried scallop is a product of very high value, suitable in all circumstances, and has very high nutritional value. This scallop is taken from the body of the scallop after the rearing time, when big enough, it will be taken out and then processed products such as fresh, dried, frozen to serve all the needs of customers. row. We can wash them then soak and cook the dishes! have as high nutritional content as you want,

Dried shrimp

In stock shrimp, there is salt and only salt. No additives, no quality security management, no spices. so the purity is very absolute. Helps users with extreme peace of mind. Dried shrimp is a specialty seafood indispensable in every culinary scene. they are processed and at the same time they are added as an additive in many culinary fields..Dried shrimp are essential in the culinary world. they are a pleasurable spice, the Dried Shrimp is a favorite globally, for all people, The processing process is very complicated, very laborious to have pharmaceutical products, requiring certain experience and knowledge.

Dried squid fish

Dried squid seafood is very convenient for activities suitable for bars or light parties. it is a kind of high-class seafood, very convenient as a gift, Dried squid seafood everyone knows everyone likes them high in protein. They are very suitable for tea rooms or light parties with brothers. They are very suitable in all environments. We can drink some beer with friends. High quality dried squid seafood. Often used as a gift is very elegant and polite Therefore, dried squid is often liked by everyone.

Dry squid peels the skin

Cleaning ink, peeling skin. Then keep the squid meat page to be dried or dried, then after drying it will become the best product. Squid is delicious! The quality doesn’t change, we put it in the oven whenever we need it and crave it, and enjoy it with a beer can.

Pineapple fish sun dried & dried

Pineapple fish is a type of fish that lives in brackish water, does not taste and is not sweet. The quality of their economic value is very high, Their meat is amazingly high in nutrients. Great customer preference

Red grouper

Red grouper represents luck and prosperity. East Asians passions as well as preferences are red. The red grouper has a characteristic color, very beautiful. Along with its beauty, the flesh of the door is very delicious, with pure white flesh. Red grouper has a bright red skin, inside the pure white flesh. they are endowed with the most perfect beauty. Along with the beauty on the outside, their flesh is pure white and very juicy, Their meat is very cool food for our body. Usually do the dishes like steamed hip kong and distilled sauce. or cook fish porridge. At the same time cooking is great.

Sea cucumber cleaning

Cleansing sea cucumbers are very tasty and nutritious sea cucumbers, they have become rare in the ocean. The fishermen catch the medicinal herbs they are cleaned and boiled, preserved in a freezer, with high cold temperature, so the nutrition is still good. East Asians love this sea cucumber dish, it is the best dish.

Seafood tuna

Tuna, a fish that lives in the ocean far from the shore, the ships that catch them have to go for months at sea, and withstand the triple barrier. Tuna is a highly nutritious seafood. Tuna is popular with restaurants, grilled or eaten raw, To catch the tuna, the fishermen have to spend months in the offshore. Tuna tuna with tens of kilograms has brought great fish flesh.

The gold thread fish

The goldfish is a fish that often lives in the waters of Vietnam! They live in swarms, so when the season comes, the fishermen can harvest a lot Therefore, the payroll factories or individuals also process them for sale domestically or for export. Thanks to processing and marinade, the goldfish is very popular in the domestic and foreign communities. At the same time, thanks to the good processing and preservation, the fish travels all over the world, to the favorite people.

The golden thread fish is a specialty that has sprung up into the new corner of the military family, they taste and have the deliciousness of the sea, At the end of the year or the mutual affection for each other a few kilograms of goldfish to enjoy.. We specialize in supplying large quantities of goldfish to large and small markets. So if you have any needs, please contact us.


Vietnamese lobster

Speaking of shrimp but lobster, there is no need to discuss, It is a high quality shrimp, when you work hard, you can eat a lobster and your health will improve very quickly. Lobster dish is a class, list for mainly restaurants and hotels. Shrimp have very good nutrients, when tired, you can eat a shrimp that is about 700gr, which is very good.

White leg shrimp peeled

Peeled vannamei shrimp is the type of shrimp raised by the farmers, after reaching the maturity level as required, they are transferred to the factory to peel and leave the meat. After leaving the meat, it will be processed to use for different purposes.

Whole tiger shrimp of all kinds

In the consumer market, shelled shrimp is the most consumed type, so shrimp farming needs diversified production for consumers to use! to reach consumers in any form.

Our company specializes in the processing of shelled or whole shrimp for the export market. Follow your orders, according to your production requirements.