Our company exploits the field of importing food products imported from the US to supply to the Vietnamese market.
Imported goods from the US such as beef and chicken and pork,
We have an office in the US, so we import products from that side directly to serve the god customers of the company.

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Lmported chickens

Chicken imported from America We specialize in supplying imported chickens from USA, with bulk right price blankets.

We specialize in supplying foods such as chicken, beef, sheep, and pork. imported goods in America Since we have offices and branches in the US, the conditions are more favorable. In our daily life, chicken is almost the main dish in our lives, Chicken can cook a lot of dishes, especially the honey grilled chicken is great.

Pork imported US

Pork imported from the US, quality assurance, large quantity, Our company specializes in importing bulk pork from America! the need for purple distributors for dealers. Any brothers and sisters in need, please alo for us. All ingredients of the pig! From departments, if you have any need, contact us, for advice and service for you. We specialize in supplying wholesale in large quantities.