Vietnamese lobster can be exported to European countries or not ?

Vietnamese lobster can be exported to European countries! But the quality we need to reform to conform to European standards. Simultaneous feeding and care regime required by the consumer.

Why lobster farming environment is limited ?

Lobsters they have harsh and picky properties. they themselves are also the kind of discomfort in the habitat and survival. From their diet and to the salinity of the seawater you have an influence on its survival problem. hence they are of high value and parallel with very good quality

King crab why Southeast Asia is not viable. ?

King crab why Southeast Asia is not viable. ?

King crab why Southeast Asia is not viable. Because their habitat is not suitable for tropical environments and erratic heat. so their value must be imported and distributed from cold regions.

Black tiger shrimp and white shrimp !

Black tiger shrimp and white shrimp are mainly cultured in Vietnam because they are very adaptive to the warm environment in Vietnam. This type of shrimp has a high economic value and is used almost globally. This type of shrimp is suitable for living in Southeast Asia

What is abalone with fish ?

Abalone with fish is a highly nutritious seafood. the need for very good health and wellness recovery. They are the Japanese premium seafood in the seafood world. Not only that, we have the second most eye-catching value in the seafood market.

What is tuna ? Do they live in the ocean ?

What is tuna? It is seafood almost very big to several hundred kilograms per one, their meat is so clean we can eat their meat raw, they live in the far ocean. Every time you go fishing, it takes a few months to go.

Tuna ! they make a lot of delicious food, The simplest dish is just salt and frying

What is so like a worm ? but live in the sea

It seems that the sea cucumber, the local people call it the sea pier, is like a worm in the tree, They are an ocean-dwelling animal, with a very high economic status, very ugly and frightening appearance, but they are very rare.

A few months ago they were bugs. Nobody realized they were the best type for the human body. but recently they have become extremely expensive! Therefore, their cost increases over time.

What is sea urchin ? Is it poisonous ?

Sea urchins are poisonous. Their appearance is with thorns that are poisonous when stabbed by them. on the surface they look very disgusting. But inside is also a specialty, the locals call them num.

Inside their flesh are mostly bricks like crab bricks! They have almost the same nutrients as crab. They are the specialty when we cook porridge. But it is not always possible to exploit them, because they must be harvested seasonal.

What kind of clear is the sea ? bite deadly ?

The sea is a type that has very poisonous children, but there are also very gentle children. Typically, the sea animals called by the local people, their shape is like a serpent in the forest. They have very high venom and wounding resistance compared to humans

When we go to the beach or exploit them very carefully, they wrap around our feet, the rings they wrap will be poisoned and lead to necrosis. but on the contrary, their meat is a specialty.

What kind of fish is red so beautiful ?

What kind of fish is red so beautiful? it is the red grouper they keep in the ocean with others, they are like the tiger in the forest, because they also use live animal food, they never eat dead animals.

Due to the characteristics of the habitat and the diet they add to the value of the meat they are delicious and appealing to us.
Please enjoy this dish. I will give you one if you inform us.

How will using seafood improve health ?

How will using seafood improve health? They are a source of energy in mankind, they will help us prolong life, we help our wife have a very good physiological improvement life, At the same time it is clean food.

Seafood is indispensable in human life, only those who practice will not need it, They are always the property of humanity, they are the passion of seafood junkies.


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