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Dry squid peels the skin

Cleaning ink, peeling skin. Then keep the squid meat page to be dried or dried, then after drying it will become the best product. Squid is delicious! The quality doesn’t change, we put it in the oven whenever we need it and crave it, and enjoy it with a beer can.

Imported abalone

Abalone is imported mainly from Korea, Japan and neighboring countries. At the same time, in Vietnam, they are still allowed to breed. This abalone is very popular with many culinary communities. Abalone can do some processing.

Prices will be very good for individuals doing business directly with our company.

King crab

King crabs are rich in nutrients and also known as the king of crabs. Because of that, crabs are very popular in the European and Asian culinary villages. King of crabs. This crab is very large with children up to 2m with both legs, and is also the most popular crab in Europe and Southeast Asia, rich in nutrients and nutrients, they are always loved by all ages. prefer. They help us to regain health very quickly after hard working days.

It is also a luxury dish, for players or people addicted to seafood

Red lime fish

The red-wedge fish are very delicious fish, the meat is very fragrant, the restaurants are big and small. They live in the ocean in the wild. They are suitable for baking, are excellent dishes.

Sea cucumber cleaning

Cleansing sea cucumbers are very tasty and nutritious sea cucumbers, they have become rare in the ocean. The fishermen catch the medicinal herbs they are cleaned and boiled, preserved in a freezer, with high cold temperature, so the nutrition is still good. East Asians love this sea cucumber dish, it is the best dish.