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Imported scallops

Scallops imported from Japan

We specialize in supplying and distributing all kinds of scallops. We have a full range of sizes and types, so you have a chance to choose from more, If you need to get large quantities, you need to pre-order. Let us have time to prepare

Tiger shrimp

Every time we prepare to cook a batch of shrimp we need to prepare some 24 hours in advance, live shrimp we steam it when we cook it, the quality of shrimp is always preserved and kept for a long time, Steamed tiger shrimp! 100% steamed shrimp. Live shrimp are swimming and steamed to keep the quality of shrimp. The steaming process must be prepared 24 hours in advance. We have the factory and the technology to tailor our shrimp to a variety of shrimp such as steamed, frozen whole, or peeled, We always multiply orders according to customers’ requirements and serve their market needs. We make all kinds of shrimp like tiger shrimp, white shrimp, lobster. receive orders.