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Dried shrimp

In stock shrimp, there is salt and only salt. No additives, no quality security management, no spices. so the purity is very absolute. Helps users with extreme peace of mind. Dried shrimp is a specialty seafood indispensable in every culinary scene. they are processed and at the same time they are added as an additive in many culinary fields..Dried shrimp are essential in the culinary world. they are a pleasurable spice, the Dried Shrimp is a favorite globally, for all people, The processing process is very complicated, very laborious to have pharmaceutical products, requiring certain experience and knowledge.

Imported salmon

Our company specializes in importing products such as salmon fin trout, to serve our guests. If you are interested, please contact us directly. Salmon with consumption of hundreds of tons per year, because the price is very soft and easy to use for all types of workers. Not only that, the rations are also very delicious, they are specially flavored by chefs from the restaurant to the family. so the excellence differs. Salmon imported from Norway, with market demand, should measure salmon indispensable in food. The price is moderate, and the processing is easy, so it’s also called hot food.

The gold thread fish

The goldfish is a fish that often lives in the waters of Vietnam! They live in swarms, so when the season comes, the fishermen can harvest a lot Therefore, the payroll factories or individuals also process them for sale domestically or for export. Thanks to processing and marinade, the goldfish is very popular in the domestic and foreign communities. At the same time, thanks to the good processing and preservation, the fish travels all over the world, to the favorite people.

The golden thread fish is a specialty that has sprung up into the new corner of the military family, they taste and have the deliciousness of the sea, At the end of the year or the mutual affection for each other a few kilograms of goldfish to enjoy.. We specialize in supplying large quantities of goldfish to large and small markets. So if you have any needs, please contact us.

Whole sea jackfruit shrimp

These shrimp live in the ocean, they are delicious and sweet, Quantity is large and caught seasonally, the meat meets export standards. They are very adaptable to all classes, in the hotel restaurant they occupy the majority.