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Dried shrimp

In stock shrimp, there is salt and only salt. No additives, no quality security management, no spices. so the purity is very absolute. Helps users with extreme peace of mind. Dried shrimp is a specialty seafood indispensable in every culinary scene. they are processed and at the same time they are added as an additive in many culinary fields..Dried shrimp are essential in the culinary world. they are a pleasurable spice, the Dried Shrimp is a favorite globally, for all people, The processing process is very complicated, very laborious to have pharmaceutical products, requiring certain experience and knowledge.

Pork imported US

Pork imported from the US, quality assurance, large quantity, Our company specializes in importing bulk pork from America! the need for purple distributors for dealers. Any brothers and sisters in need, please alo for us. All ingredients of the pig! From departments, if you have any need, contact us, for advice and service for you. We specialize in supplying wholesale in large quantities.


Vietnamese lobster

Speaking of shrimp but lobster, there is no need to discuss, It is a high quality shrimp, when you work hard, you can eat a lobster and your health will improve very quickly. Lobster dish is a class, list for mainly restaurants and hotels. Shrimp have very good nutrients, when tired, you can eat a shrimp that is about 700gr, which is very good.