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Boiled tiger prawns

Shelled boiled tiger shrimp is the type of shrimp chosen for long-term use. Therefore, when choosing shrimp, it is necessary to have a plan and have the basic techniques to select and follow the correct production process. Frozen shelled tiger shrimp. We choose good quality shrimp, at the same time we do not feed shrimp for 24 hours to ensure shrimp quality ..

Imported salmon

Our company specializes in importing products such as salmon fin trout, to serve our guests. If you are interested, please contact us directly. Salmon with consumption of hundreds of tons per year, because the price is very soft and easy to use for all types of workers. Not only that, the rations are also very delicious, they are specially flavored by chefs from the restaurant to the family. so the excellence differs. Salmon imported from Norway, with market demand, should measure salmon indispensable in food. The price is moderate, and the processing is easy, so it’s also called hot food.

Seafood tuna

Tuna, a fish that lives in the ocean far from the shore, the ships that catch them have to go for months at sea, and withstand the triple barrier. Tuna is a highly nutritious seafood. Tuna is popular with restaurants, grilled or eaten raw, To catch the tuna, the fishermen have to spend months in the offshore. Tuna tuna with tens of kilograms has brought great fish flesh.