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Squid a sun exposure

Squid seafood is dried for one or two sun. will make the squid richer and sweeter. When exposed to the sun or a lot of sun, the squid will taste better and sweeter. Fresh and very fresh squid is dried in the sun, will make the squid evaporate, and make the squid become sweeter and tastier, and then you grill salt and chilli or fry the fish sauce. is also great. Therefore, a sunny day is very popular in restaurants and hotels, and in places that often hold parties,

Squid eggs in Vietnam

Our squid is very fresh and is always in stock. to serve our customers. Vietnamese people love to eat and use squid, because this squid is very delicious. The squid of Vietnamese eggs is the squid that we catch while carrying eggs. Now the squid is full of eggs and the squid is very sweet. Vietnam is blessed by nature with a rich source of seafood, with very delicious and delicious squid. This egg squid is very suitable for all classes, even if eaten at any time.