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Dried scallops

Dried scallop is a product of very high value, suitable in all circumstances, and has very high nutritional value. This scallop is taken from the body of the scallop after the rearing time, when big enough, it will be taken out and then processed products such as fresh, dried, frozen to serve all the needs of customers. row. We can wash them then soak and cook the dishes! have as high nutritional content as you want,


Frozen cleaning squid

Single-sun-cleaning squid This squid is selected for the freshest squid to split, clean, then freeze, pack for customers. at a relative price for easy access by consumers. Especially this dish grilled or fried with fish sauce is very wonderful. The easy-to-reach markets are upscale restaurants and street vendors. Passionate and love to use, our company has been supplying this ink almost strongly to the domestic market, with new factory prices, there is great competition. This sunny squid makes delicious rustic food. Therefore, the excitement of the guests is great. and very strong consumption in the domestic market. Especially visitors love to eat and use this type.