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Frozen cleaning squid

Squid is delicious, very sweet, suitable for baking or steaming coconut water, very fragrant. At restaurants or tourist places, they can easily prepare high quality dishes and suit each needs of different diners.

Red grouper

Red grouper represents luck and prosperity. East Asians passions as well as preferences are red. The red grouper has a characteristic color, very beautiful. Along with its beauty, the flesh of the door is very delicious, with pure white flesh. Red grouper has a bright red skin, inside the pure white flesh. they are endowed with the most perfect beauty. Along with the beauty on the outside, their flesh is pure white and very juicy, Their meat is very cool food for our body. Usually do the dishes like steamed hip kong and distilled sauce. or cook fish porridge. At the same time cooking is great.

Red lime fish

The red-wedge fish are very delicious fish, the meat is very fragrant, the restaurants are big and small. They live in the ocean in the wild. They are suitable for baking, are excellent dishes.

Seafood squid leaves

Live squid is a type of squid caught from the sea, frozen on board when hit north, so they still retain the quality of the squid. The sweetness is not affected much because they are frozen in time

Whole tiger shrimp of all kinds

In the consumer market, shelled shrimp is the most consumed type, so shrimp farming needs diversified production for consumers to use! to reach consumers in any form.

Our company specializes in the processing of shelled or whole shrimp for the export market. Follow your orders, according to your production requirements.