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Dried squid fish

Dried squid seafood is very convenient for activities suitable for bars or light parties. it is a kind of high-class seafood, very convenient as a gift, Dried squid seafood everyone knows everyone likes them high in protein. They are very suitable for tea rooms or light parties with brothers. They are very suitable in all environments. We can drink some beer with friends. High quality dried squid seafood. Often used as a gift is very elegant and polite Therefore, dried squid is often liked by everyone.

Natural sea crayfish.

Wild crayfish that live in the wild cannot be stocked. Our meat is delicious and very sweet. They are caught and shelled on board, some with bricks or eggs are great. We have lots of them. there are always goods to serve customers. Please contact us for the best price

Sea cucumber cleaning

Cleansing sea cucumbers are very tasty and nutritious sea cucumbers, they have become rare in the ocean. The fishermen catch the medicinal herbs they are cleaned and boiled, preserved in a freezer, with high cold temperature, so the nutrition is still good. East Asians love this sea cucumber dish, it is the best dish.

Whole sea jackfruit shrimp

These shrimp live in the ocean, they are delicious and sweet, Quantity is large and caught seasonally, the meat meets export standards. They are very adaptable to all classes, in the hotel restaurant they occupy the majority.