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Dried scallops

Dried scallop is a product of very high value, suitable in all circumstances, and has very high nutritional value. This scallop is taken from the body of the scallop after the rearing time, when big enough, it will be taken out and then processed products such as fresh, dried, frozen to serve all the needs of customers. row. We can wash them then soak and cook the dishes! have as high nutritional content as you want,

King crab

King crabs are rich in nutrients and also known as the king of crabs. Because of that, crabs are very popular in the European and Asian culinary villages. King of crabs. This crab is very large with children up to 2m with both legs, and is also the most popular crab in Europe and Southeast Asia, rich in nutrients and nutrients, they are always loved by all ages. prefer. They help us to regain health very quickly after hard working days.

It is also a luxury dish, for players or people addicted to seafood

Red lime fish

The red-wedge fish are very delicious fish, the meat is very fragrant, the restaurants are big and small. They live in the ocean in the wild. They are suitable for baking, are excellent dishes.

White leg shrimp peeled

Peeled vannamei shrimp is the type of shrimp raised by the farmers, after reaching the maturity level as required, they are transferred to the factory to peel and leave the meat. After leaving the meat, it will be processed to use for different purposes.