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Boiled tiger prawns

Shelled boiled tiger shrimp is the type of shrimp chosen for long-term use. Therefore, when choosing shrimp, it is necessary to have a plan and have the basic techniques to select and follow the correct production process. Frozen shelled tiger shrimp. We choose good quality shrimp, at the same time we do not feed shrimp for 24 hours to ensure shrimp quality ..


Giant freshwater shrimp live in fresh water but have high nutritional value. Crayfish are absolutely delicious, they can serve all classes of society. Crayfish! Shrimp live in fresh water that only in Southeast Asia! they live in warm water and cannot stand cold water, This shrimp is very nutritious! Diners in Vietnam are very fond of. Crayfish are processed a lot of delicious dishes! Like boiled commune is excellent or baked, it is nothing. they are very popular with restaurants. Economically, giant freshwater shrimp is cultured.

Dried shrimp

In stock shrimp, there is salt and only salt. No additives, no quality security management, no spices. so the purity is very absolute. Helps users with extreme peace of mind. Dried shrimp is a specialty seafood indispensable in every culinary scene. they are processed and at the same time they are added as an additive in many culinary fields..Dried shrimp are essential in the culinary world. they are a pleasurable spice, the Dried Shrimp is a favorite globally, for all people, The processing process is very complicated, very laborious to have pharmaceutical products, requiring certain experience and knowledge.

Imported abalone

Abalone is imported mainly from Korea, Japan and neighboring countries. At the same time, in Vietnam, they are still allowed to breed. This abalone is very popular with many culinary communities. Abalone can do some processing.

Prices will be very good for individuals doing business directly with our company.

Natural sea crayfish.

Wild crayfish that live in the wild cannot be stocked. Our meat is delicious and very sweet. They are caught and shelled on board, some with bricks or eggs are great. We have lots of them. there are always goods to serve customers. Please contact us for the best price

Soft shell crab

Crabs are shelled in fresh water, they live in tropical freshwater, when the season comes they have to shell to mature, when they peel like that they have to have time to prepare for their most important peel. Crabs are shelled to mature, as these need to be peeled to grow, In the process of living, they need to prepare nutrition and energy and then peel, when peeling, they are very soft and very vulnerable. In the process of being peeled or just finished peeling, we bring it back to serve ourselves as food for ourselves, how many nutrients are in the moment to accumulate. We can make dishes like fried with fried flour or fried with fish sauce, which is delicious.

Squid eggs in Vietnam

Our squid is very fresh and is always in stock. to serve our customers. Vietnamese people love to eat and use squid, because this squid is very delicious. The squid of Vietnamese eggs is the squid that we catch while carrying eggs. Now the squid is full of eggs and the squid is very sweet. Vietnam is blessed by nature with a rich source of seafood, with very delicious and delicious squid. This egg squid is very suitable for all classes, even if eaten at any time.