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Boiled tiger prawns

Shelled boiled tiger shrimp is the type of shrimp chosen for long-term use. Therefore, when choosing shrimp, it is necessary to have a plan and have the basic techniques to select and follow the correct production process. Frozen shelled tiger shrimp. We choose good quality shrimp, at the same time we do not feed shrimp for 24 hours to ensure shrimp quality ..

Dry squid peels the skin

Cleaning ink, peeling skin. Then keep the squid meat page to be dried or dried, then after drying it will become the best product. Squid is delicious! The quality doesn’t change, we put it in the oven whenever we need it and crave it, and enjoy it with a beer can.

Imported salmon whole

Imported salmon whole Salmon is very nutritious, salmon can also be used in many dishes. help children develop very well. We specialize in the distribution of all kinds of salmon to businesses. Imported whole salmon is very suitable for the elderly and children, not only that, but also delicious dishes in restaurants and in the street. They can cook any dish we like