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Abalone dried

Dried abalone is a premium product with a very high value in the culinary industry, they are dried while they are alive. Very high value in precious categories. They are perfect for all body toning purposes, and they taste great when prepared with compatible products to enjoy.


Giant freshwater shrimp live in fresh water but have high nutritional value. Crayfish are absolutely delicious, they can serve all classes of society. Crayfish! Shrimp live in fresh water that only in Southeast Asia! they live in warm water and cannot stand cold water, This shrimp is very nutritious! Diners in Vietnam are very fond of. Crayfish are processed a lot of delicious dishes! Like boiled commune is excellent or baked, it is nothing. they are very popular with restaurants. Economically, giant freshwater shrimp is cultured.

Cuttlefish in the sun

Cuttlefish is a very thick and delicious squid, fishermen catch them then clean their organs and dry them for food reserve. but they are a very delicious specialty.

Dried scallops

Dried scallop is a product of very high value, suitable in all circumstances, and has very high nutritional value. This scallop is taken from the body of the scallop after the rearing time, when big enough, it will be taken out and then processed products such as fresh, dried, frozen to serve all the needs of customers. row. We can wash them then soak and cook the dishes! have as high nutritional content as you want,

Imported salmon

Squid is imported to neighboring countries, in which there are goods such as mino tube and white tube, all kinds of sizes You can phone us and we will serve you wholeheartedly

King crab

King crabs are rich in nutrients and also known as the king of crabs. Because of that, crabs are very popular in the European and Asian culinary villages. King of crabs. This crab is very large with children up to 2m with both legs, and is also the most popular crab in Europe and Southeast Asia, rich in nutrients and nutrients, they are always loved by all ages. prefer. They help us to regain health very quickly after hard working days.

It is also a luxury dish, for players or people addicted to seafood

Lmported chickens

Chicken imported from America We specialize in supplying imported chickens from USA, with bulk right price blankets.

We specialize in supplying foods such as chicken, beef, sheep, and pork. imported goods in America Since we have offices and branches in the US, the conditions are more favorable. In our daily life, chicken is almost the main dish in our lives, Chicken can cook a lot of dishes, especially the honey grilled chicken is great.

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Sea crabs peeled

You can buy these crabs from the nearest seafood barns. Also if you need to get large quantity, please call our company. we give you tons of tons. You also know crab is our favorite dish, right? In our life no one has eaten it once, is it delicious? Sea crabs have very high protein,.

Cool evenings of the sea breeze, in the summer with your family in the moonlight on the beach and a basket of crabs and a bottle of pomegranates, what is it,

Soft shell crab

Crabs are shelled in fresh water, they live in tropical freshwater, when the season comes they have to shell to mature, when they peel like that they have to have time to prepare for their most important peel. Crabs are shelled to mature, as these need to be peeled to grow, In the process of living, they need to prepare nutrition and energy and then peel, when peeling, they are very soft and very vulnerable. In the process of being peeled or just finished peeling, we bring it back to serve ourselves as food for ourselves, how many nutrients are in the moment to accumulate. We can make dishes like fried with fried flour or fried with fish sauce, which is delicious.

Squid a sun exposure

Squid seafood is dried for one or two sun. will make the squid richer and sweeter. When exposed to the sun or a lot of sun, the squid will taste better and sweeter. Fresh and very fresh squid is dried in the sun, will make the squid evaporate, and make the squid become sweeter and tastier, and then you grill salt and chilli or fry the fish sauce. is also great. Therefore, a sunny day is very popular in restaurants and hotels, and in places that often hold parties,

Squid eggs in Vietnam

Our squid is very fresh and is always in stock. to serve our customers. Vietnamese people love to eat and use squid, because this squid is very delicious. The squid of Vietnamese eggs is the squid that we catch while carrying eggs. Now the squid is full of eggs and the squid is very sweet. Vietnam is blessed by nature with a rich source of seafood, with very delicious and delicious squid. This egg squid is very suitable for all classes, even if eaten at any time.

The gold thread fish

The goldfish is a fish that often lives in the waters of Vietnam! They live in swarms, so when the season comes, the fishermen can harvest a lot Therefore, the payroll factories or individuals also process them for sale domestically or for export. Thanks to processing and marinade, the goldfish is very popular in the domestic and foreign communities. At the same time, thanks to the good processing and preservation, the fish travels all over the world, to the favorite people.

The golden thread fish is a specialty that has sprung up into the new corner of the military family, they taste and have the deliciousness of the sea, At the end of the year or the mutual affection for each other a few kilograms of goldfish to enjoy.. We specialize in supplying large quantities of goldfish to large and small markets. So if you have any needs, please contact us.