Imported abalone

Abalone is imported mainly from Korea, Japan and neighboring countries. At the same time, in Vietnam, they are still allowed to breed. This abalone is very popular with many culinary communities. Abalone can do some processing.

Prices will be very good for individuals doing business directly with our company.


Price list of Korean abalone imported of different sizes

1./ Size: 12 fish/kg = 17,6 usd

2./ Size: 20 fish/ kg = 13,3 usd

3./ Size: 16 fish/ kg = 13,75 usd

4./ Size: 18 fish/ kg = 12,0 usd

5./ Size: 10 fish/ kg = 16,3 usd

Our company’s products always receive and return the goods, if not satisfied, so you always feel secure when using our company’s products. Quality reputation, responsibility, is your and mine success. The product is imported directly so the price is good for wholesalers or agents and distributors, Our abalone is well-documented and has full barcodes. so you are always safe.

Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2.8 cm

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